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Here are some of the questions our parents have asked The Drum Experts.

What is the best junior drum set for my kids age and size? Since my child is taller, is there a better kids drum set for him/her. I want a cheap drum set, are these drums any good? Will these drums hold up to my child's playing? You can visit our Kid's Drum Set FAQ for more questions about kid's drums.

Picking the right size drums and practice kits as well as a qualified drum instructor, is crucial to the beginning stages of drumming. We want to be able to guide you through this process and answer any questions you might have about your child learning to play the drums.

Our experience in drumming will help you make a "Sound" purchase. Check out this 3-piece and 5-piece drum part identification page for helping you know what the drums are in a kid's set

It is also important to protect your child's hearing, so we also recommend different types of hearing protection for your child and suggest that it becomes a part of the practice and playing time.





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The Kids Drum Experts are here to answer your questions about anything related to drums and kids. There are different size sets avialable for toddlers, middle school children and even teenagers! We have set-up guides for kids sets. So any size child can play the drums or percussion. Cheap kids drums, childrens drums, kids sets, kids drums

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