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What Snare Drum Kit Should I Buy?

You have come to the right place because we are here to help. If you have a specific question, then please just email us your question.

We want you to be well informed with your purchase and will offer some suggestions based on quality and price. Learning the drums and how to play them is a great way for your child to be part of something very special. When I first started playing the drums we were required to start with a practice pad which for my parents was a great way to slowly get introduced to the sounds a drum can make.


Drums are loud, but there are practice pads like the Cannon Gladstone Practice Pad Standard that can go over the top of the drum that will drastically cut down the volume. We also strongly suggest that you get your child accustomed to ear protection. This will go a long way to protecting their hearing and making sure that if they really start to hit the drum hard that they will not lose any hearing.

There are head phones and ear plugs that can be purchased at a variety of online vendors like Ebay or Amazon. Here is a set of head phones that are made for children and it has great reviews from other parents, the Peltor 90554 Junior Earmuff, Blue You can also look on Ebay for standard musicians ear plugs. Stay away from the foam ones, unless the budget calls for them. Ear plugs can be replaced if lost, but your child's hearing can not.

The hard part will be getting to wear them when they are supposed to, so part of taking up the drums should be protecting their hearing and that should be stressed prior to taking on the responsability.

Now on to snare kits and what makes a good snare kit. I know the school system wants you to have an all in one kit with a case, so they can easily take it to school and bring it home.

Here is snare kit on Musician's Friend that is in the medium price range. It has the rolling case, snare drum, stand and rubber practice pad. Pearl is a well known drum company that has been making drums since the 60's

Here are a variety of snare kits on Amazon. There are a lot of options in snare kits, so first see what your school music program requires then come back here and visit Amazon to see which has the best options for the price.

If you are not sure of what to do then just email us your requirements and we will find the best deal and send you the links. We are here to help and look forward to a "Sound" purchase with the Expert advice from the Drum Experts

-The Kids Drum Experts


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